Testimonial – Curry H

“I may have been the worst potential “buyer” there ever was. But now I am an “owner” and I owe it all to Roger. I did not have a clue about the 2019 DC real estate market and it changes all the time. Roger listened to me and my ideas, never once interrupted me or talked over me as I talked about my “real estate” goals. Roger knows the up-to-the-minute situation in the areas I was exploring. He listened well and then informed me of my options (realistic options) and told me what I needed to consider/do to reach my goals. Roger showed me only the most ideal properties for me, given what I wanted and what I was capable of buying.
My situation as a new employee in a demanding job limited my viabiity as a buyer. I only had 3 or 4 pay stubs when i started looking for a home; I was unreachable by any device (phone email text) at several key moments in the process, due to my job and even my family demands. My situation was financially complicated, even messy, and my financial vulnerabilities unfolded as problems during the time I worked with Roger to close on my new home. Roger never judged, he was super respectful, patient, informative, and positive, and SMART across the entire transaction. I am very grateful to Roger for working so hard for my closing. Pure professionalism and as persistent as the buyer needs him to be.”

— Curry H - Washington, DC - Buyer